The Days Were Beautiful (Bound sheet music)

The Days Were Beautiful (Bound sheet music)

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The Days Were Beautiful

This is a trumpet and vibraphone duet that utilizes both classical and jazz techniques. The trumpet part has an open solo section mid-way through the piece that is highly up to the interpretation of the player, while vibraphone chords are written underneath to help create structure for the solo. (See third page of sample) 

This piece has a fluid movement to it that allows the tembre of the trumpet and vibraphone to meld together beautifully. The piece starts with a melancholic song like quality but quickly morphs into a jam texture with many soloistic jazz qualities until it builds to it's greatest intensity and overflows, slowing back into a song like texture and finally coming to a languid closure. 




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    Bound individual parts for both vibraphone and trumpet plus a full score