Waiting For What? (Bound sheet music)

Waiting For What? (Bound sheet music)

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Waiting For What?

Duet for two percussionists. 


Percussion 1 - Vibraphone (+ bass drum, suspended cymbal, splash cymbal, wood block, two cowbells)

Percussion 2 - Marimba (+ four tom-toms, small crash cymbals, splash cymbal, suspended cymbal)


Waiting for What?" is a percussion duet written for vibraphone and marimba plus a variety of smaller percussion instruments including cowbells, woodblock, suspended cymbals, kick drum, tom-toms and crash cymbals. The piece is highly groove oriented, and builds upon a 12 tone foundation that will be heard immediately in the opening bars of the marimba. The piece uses interesting percussive techniques including backwards pedaling of the kick drum while utilizing the vibraphone pedal with the opposite foot. It is a piece that should be easily grasped by the listener despite some of the compositional challenges presented tothe performers, and yet I hope the audience can remain absorbed as the piece continues to build momentum and propels itself to the very end.... almost. 


    Purchase includes: 

    Bound individual parts for Vibraphone and Marimba plus full score


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