Waiting Station Album (hard copy)

Waiting Station Album (hard copy)


Album by nine piece fusion band "Phlow," provides a fascinating contrast from many of Austin Allen's other compositional projects. All original compositions by Austin. 


1. Wake Up 

2. Sounds 

3. Appareo 

4. Origin 29 

5. Waiting Station 

6. Into the Blue Again 


Band Memebers & Instruments: 

Austin Allen - Vibraphone & percussion

Lessie Vonner - Trumpet 

Matthew Babineaux - Alto saxaphone 

Alex Silver - Tenor Saxaphone 

AJ Durham - Guitar 

Dylan Cantu - Keys and piano 

Zach Whittlesey - Keys and effects 

Adam Mcgee - multi percussion 

Mike Mitchell - Drums and percussion 

Max Gerl - Bass 

*JT Hanson - Guitar 

*Grayson Shweers - Bass